Faculty of Psychology
Stawki 5/7
00-183 Warsaw

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Team Leader

Prof. Dr. Dorota Kobylińska

Principal Investigator

Phone: +48 225 549 831
Fax: +48 226 357 991

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Team Staff

Aleksandra Uściłko

PhD student

Phone: +48 664 493 962

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Institute presentation

The University of Warsaw (UW), founded in 1816, is the best university and a leading research centre in Poland, with a population of over 53 000 students. UW is the most active Polish organization in terms of FP7-funded EU contributions according to the EU’s „Innovation Union Competitiveness Report 2011”, and it has received 7% of the total amount of funding granted by the Commission to projects in Poland.

The Faculty of Psychology (FP-UW) has been rated as the top performing research institution in psychology for several consecutive years and its leadership was confirmed in the latest research assessment by the Polish Ministry of Science, sharing the top A+ rating with only one other institution in the country. FP-UW has established long-term partnerships with a range of European universities and a strategic partnership with the University of Delaware (USA). Since 2005, FP-UW has been running a full-time undergraduate and master’s program in psychology taught in English. To date, the faculty has been highly successful in attracting external research funding from state agencies and public foundations, as well as from the EU (ESF and Marie-Skłodowska Curie streams). Our employees specialize mostly in social, clinical, cognitive and personality psychology.