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The Netherlands

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Dr. Ilya M. Veer

Assistant Professor

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The Psychology Research Institute (PsyRes) is part of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of the University of Amsterdam. The research carried out at PsyRes is strongly oriented towards an empirical approach of the major themes in psychology. Our research mainly focuses on processes underlying various forms of normal and abnormal human behaviour.


Research and Education

This long-standing research orientation is characteristic of the teaching programmes offered by the College and Graduate School of Psychology. Our research programmes seek to answer research questions related to basic processes of human functioning, but also address issues in more applied contexts.


Extensive Lab Facilities

One of the consequences of this research orientation is the need for adequate methodological and technical facilities. To this end, substantial financial efforts are invested in maintaining and upgrading the extensive laboratory infrastructure of the Institute. A major advantage of this up-to-date infrastructure is the attraction on other research groups, inside and outside the Institute. In this way intra- and interdisciplinary cross-links already have been established and still are developing between our research programmes and those of (neuro-) biology, medicine, environmental sciences, mathematics and social sciences.



The research at PsyRes is of the highest quality, which is reflected in high rankings. Visit our Staff page to find out more about the rankings and for an overview of all staff members within the various research groups.