Wearable Healthcare
Kapeldreef 75
3001 Leuven

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Team Leader

Walter de Raedt

Programme Manager

Phone: +32 162 814 05

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Team Staff

Dr. Chris van Hoof

Programme Director

Phone: +32 162 818 15

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Annelies Goris

R&D Programme Manager

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IMEC combines electronics and data science expertise to develop and validate wearable solutions for our customers’ health applications. We develop solutions for a variety of wearable health applications, focusing on:

  • Medical devices and chronic disease management
  • Lifestyle and preventive care

While accelerating innovation and reducing risk, our pioneering hardware and software solutions enable comfortable, reliable, and clinical-grade healthcare and lifestyle applications through continuous monitoring and coaching on-the-go, meaning at home, and during daily life. Founded on advanced technologies, we strive to bring unique products to the market, and accelerate your next-generation product development by shortening the time from development to market. Building on our expertise and experience regarding the development cycles for circuits, systems and algorithms, we reduce R&D risk. Our multidisciplinary, in-house expertise allows us to quickly develop customized solutions for a variety of wearable health & lifestyle applications.